I have to be honest and fair! Watching Pips tonight got me thinking, we had 2 bands on before who were ok both pretty bland same old same old! Technically awesome but pretty average! Then you get Pips, you have my cousin on lead guitar and vocals Petch on Bass an vocals and Jimmy on the pig skins and again vocals they each bring what they want to the table musically and low and behold it works,

they aren’t trying to be something they are not, they aren’t conforming to stereotypes and they are definitely not normal!

They are without doubt the best and most original band I have ever had the pleasure of watching, I know what your thinking

you would say that Jonny you’re related to one of them’

All true but I also know my music and I know when a band doesn’t have to try to be good, they just are! So if you read this and get anything from it just go and watch Pips and be prepared to have a new favourite band! And if you are having them support you, you’d better be on form!




My demo EP Cover for my EP Coming shortly!!

My demo EP Cover for my EP Coming shortly!!

Perspective Please!!!!

Sat in a coffee house in Harrogate listening to some ladies that lunch talking, and it’s left me baffled I’m shocked that people like this actually exist the subject range accompanied with the levels of seriousness are hilarious for example 1. Phone stopped sending texts – severity rating – 10! (One being not serious 10 being “shopping is band”) 2. Leaving the car unlocked in town as its easier to get in to when returning to it with bags of shopping! – severity rating – 3. 3. Child has ripped Barbour jacket sleeve – severity rating – 8. 4. Hair won’t “go” – severity rating – 9. 5. No tables free at ones favourite coffee bar – severity rating – 8.
All of these will be met with a typically over the top reaction almost knowingly as the LOL (lady of leisure) kicks up a stink on purpose for what seems like bragging rites! As she usually has all her demands met! Some one one day should give these silly pompous boilers a kick up their massively spoilt arses!

This is where we ask for perspective

I mean what would happen if the phone credit card and car were taken away and replaced with a meagre amount of money every week, a pay as you go phone and a bus pass? I think tears and paddys and probably a lot of complaining! They may argue that if they have the means then why not, I would argue remember others less fortunate when your barking about no tables left or your phone has broken some people can’t afford to fix their phone!!
Perspective Ladies Please


It’s time to start promoting my first rather special acoustic for a while! It’s at The Lure Bar in Harrogate (great venue!) with the Ont Sofa Boys who have started a revolution in the live acoustic music scene around England and possibly the world!! The simplicity of the idea is infuriatingly great and makes anyone who has picked up a guitar and has recorded anything kick them selves thinking “why didn’t I think of that” it’s genius high quality video recordings of you playing a cover or original song on the famous red sofa! And what’s more is they have started doing live shows and location shoots!! It’s brilliant and I love the idea!

Ont Sofa

Already this relatively small venture (meant with the upmost resect) has attracted media attention from record companies, tv show production offices and the odd celeb!
Back to my gig with the lads, I’m viewing it as a audition to do a video so will have to be on top form as the standard for these guys is pretty high! So I’ll have to let you all know how it goes!

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The Cold Hard Truth

I don’t really know how to say this to all you star crossed lovers out there but I feel like I have to…….relationships suck, women suck and growing up sucks!!
It starts with the loving look, the little things done without thought or agenda, the sex, the relaxed nature of the two of you then it changes the monotony of waking up next to the same person day after day accompanied by the fleeting reminder why you are together quashing all feelings of doubt for the remainder of the day, only for it all to start again the next day.
Then come the arguments, the ferocious arguments ones over things that you didn’t even consider, who loads the dishwasher, why do you sit down after work on the sofa all night, why do you leave socks on the bedroom floor, cant you wipe makeup on you dressing gown instead of the floor! The list is endless, for the male each argument is a bewildering as the last as we all live in the world where our wives still look at us like we are the studs we used to be not the overweight slobs we are so we are not prepared for these tirades, where as the females among you are very prepared because from the word ‘go’ you have a ‘plan’ of what you want your relationship to go like and if it deviates from your foreseen path in any way be it earnings/sofa colour/decor/weight/choice of hobbies then the mental note book comes out and these things build up until the orange peel left on the side is the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back and boom huge row and the cold shoulder for weeks.
Why you ladies don’t just leave after 56 arguments over silly things I’ll never know because sometimes the ‘love’ you had has turned in to control and you hate losing it but you convince yourself it’s love and the fleeting reminders try and strangle the doubt but it’s there, I just wish you women would chill the fuck out!

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Mega Avalanche

Well, I have see it on YouTube Megavalanche and talked to people who have done it, and now I have made my decision…….I’m going to do it! I’m going to take my Orange Alpine 160 to the alps and ride down a glacier!

it’s one of those bucket list things to do!

So it’s roughly 11 months away so the hard work and training starts now! Well, in a few days!!
Feel free to tweet me if you are interested in hearing about my journey!!
Stay safe rockers!!

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